Monday, January 11, 2016

Oscar Predictions: Best Original Song

This year, Oscar nominations will be announced on Thursday, January 14th. I’ll be offering detailed predictions in most of the major categories, saving some of the biggest categories for last.

Last year’s nominees: “Lost Stars” (Begin Again), “Grateful” (Beyond the Lights), “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” (Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me), “Everything Is Awesome” (The Lego Movie), “Glory” (Selma)

This year’s Golden Globe nominees: “Love Me Like You Do” (Fifty Shades of Grey), “See You Again” (Furious 7), “One Kind of Love” (Love and Mercy), “Writing’s on the Wall” (Spectre), “Simple Song #3” (Youth)

Other contenders: “Pray 4 My City” (Chi-Raq), “Hey Baby Doll” (Danny Collins), “Dreamsong” (Diary of a Teenage Girl), “’Til it Happens to You” (The Hunting Ground), “I’ll See You in My Dreams” (I’ll See You in My Dreams), “Phenomenal” (Southpaw)

The rundown: There are 74 eligible songs this year. Golden Globe nominee “One Kind of Love” isn’t eligible, so count that one out. I feel like I haven’t listened to my annual playlist of the contenders as faithfully as I usually do, so I’m at a bit of a loss. The films and song titles pictured above are the ones I’ve heard most about, but I don’t have too much confidence in this race, so don’t hedge your bets on this one.

One possible crazy scenario: Any one of the seven eligible songs from “Salt Bridge” makes the cut.

Forecasted winner: I think See You Again takes it for the sentimental factor.

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