Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SAG Winner Predictions: Best Actress in a Leading Role

The competition: Cate Blanchett’s unhappy wife (Carol), Brie Larson’s loyal mother (Room), Helen Mirren’s persevering heiress (Woman in Gold), Saoirse Ronan’s optimistic immigrant (Brooklyn), and Sarah Silverman’s drug-addicted mother (I Smile Back).

For your information: This is Blanchett’s ninth solo nomination, and she has won twice, most recently in 2013 in this category for “Blue Jasmine.” Mirren has been nominated nine times before and won four times. She is also nominated for Best Actress. The last time she was nominated in two categories (2006), she won both awards. This is the first nomination for Larson, Ronan, and Silverman. Mirren is the only one nominated as part of her film’s ensemble.

Who should win: Larson

Who will win: Putting Mirren and Silverman into this race doesn’t change the odds - it just makes Larson all the more likely.

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