Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Oscar Nominees: Best Original Score

My predictions: 2/5
My ballot: Coming soon!
The nominees: Don’t Look Up, Dune, Encanto, Parallel Mothers, The Power of the Dog

My Oscar Volley with Timothy from The Film Experience couldn’t help me get a great score in this category, where I predicted only the two frontrunners here and everywhere else: Dune and The Power of the Dog. I saw Don’t Look Up coming as an alternate but underestimated both Encanto and Parallel Mothers. I’m not mourning the omission of anything from the shortlist in a big way like I have other years, but I think I do need to spend some more time listening to these scores to figure out if those I haven’t played over and over are as good as the ones I know I like.

My current bet to win: I’m sticking with Dune here.

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