Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Oscar Nominees: Best Sound

My predictions: 4/5
My ballot: Coming soon!
The nominees: Belfast, Dune, No Time to Die, The Power of the Dog, West Side Story

I somehow thought I had done much worse on my guesses for this category, but it turns out I was just distracted by the omission of “tick, tick…BOOM!” which I had hoped would make the cut. It’s a very solid list with some great sound, with lots of action and explosions in Dune and No Time to Die, glorious musical spectacle in No Time to Die, and an enhancement of the time and place in Belfast and The Power of the Dog. For as little as I really know about sound mixing and sound editing, I think this is a great list.

My current bet to win: I’ll bet on No Time to Die here, but “Dune” or “West Side Story” could easily win too.

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