Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Golden Globe Nominees: Best Motion Picture – Comedy/Musical

My predictions: 1/5, picking only “The Kids Are All Right
Who’s missing:Barney’s Version,” “Love and Other Drugs,” “Made in Dagenham,” “Morning Glory,” “Somewhere

Well, this category was quite unpredictable. It seems like “Love and Other Drugs” is one of those films, like “Something’s Gotta Give,” where only the performances get recognized, and my other three predicted nominees all got entirely shut out. The Kids Are All Right is the likely frontrunner here, but it’s important to analyze the competition since it was relatively unexpected. We have Alice in Wonderland, a film that most (not me!) reviled, yet somehow it made it in here. We have Burlesque, an unenthusiastically-received musical that likely made it in because of its genre status. We have The Tourist, a late-breaking, poorly-reviewed action-comedy that didn’t garner any kind of awards buzz at all but somehow ended up with three Globe nominations. And lastly we have Red, an entertaining and wholly surprising inclusion here. This assortment just strikes me as somewhat strange (I also haven’t seen two of the nominees yet, and wasn’t necessarily planning on seeing them until now). It’s also not an Oscar-friendly list in that “The Kids Are All Right,” which should probably have an easy time winning this trophy, is the only film that should contend for Best Picture at the Oscars.

Who could win? “The Kids Are All Right”
What does this mean for the Oscar race? See above.

Coming tomorrow with the Wednesday Oscar Watch: important takeaways from the nominations.

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