Tuesday, December 3, 2013

South Asian International Film Festival Spotlight: Anima State

I’m thrilled to be able to screen selections from the 10th Annual South Asian International Film Festival, which takes place in New York City from December 3rd-8th, 2013.

Anima State
Directed by Hammad Khan
Screening December 4 at 7:30pm

This film from Pakistan is immediately disturbing from its start, featuring a man whose face is completely obscured by the bandages wrapped around it killing a group of unsuspecting people and then continuing along, seemingly perceived by no one, on his murderous quest inspired by little else other than boredom. This very technically competent movie is constructed in a way that presents its events as facts but they might as well be parables, and a mid-film switch to what seems like a dream state could also be the true reality. The themes of violence and of societal acceptance are compelling, and though it’s hard to make out just what “Anima State” stands for, it’s quite a compelling and invigorating ride for those willing to stomach its subject matter.

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