Monday, March 5, 2018

Oscar Reactions

I went to visit my parents to watch the Oscars, and probably should have been worried that they lost power a few days ago. They have a generator that they’re using to watch TV and other things, but we experienced some severe trouble with the DVR going into the show that caused us to not being able to start watching until around 8:45pm. Fortunately, there were no problems from then on.

This was actually a really great show. I found it to be enjoyable from start to finish, and the fact that it went long wasn’t an issue since there were so many clips and montages, which I love, and, aside from the last one or two speeches, every single person who won got to speak, which I feel is rare. Jimmy Kimmel was a great host, acknowledging what’s going on in the world and in Hollywood in a way that was relatively respectful and funny at the same time. Most of the intro sketches worked, though the “Star Wars” one was pretty painful. Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph were particularly funny, which was a nice do-over for the former comedian’s awkward Oscar nominations announcement with Andy Serkis. Most of what the winners said was great too, and no one seemed to be obnoxious or undeserving.

I did pretty well, especially compared with previous years. I scored 19/24, my best since 2013, when I got 20, and 2010, when I last scored 19. I unwisely bet against “Phantom Thread” for Best Costume Design, choosing “Beauty and the Beast,” which went home empty-handed, and I selected the wrong documentaries and foreign films, though the two that won were easily my second choices in each category. I’m disappointed about Best Original Song but fine with the message of the song from “Coco,” a movie I loved. And the last one I missed was Best Animated Short, which went to “Dear Basketball,” which I didn’t think was deserving, though it was nice to see Kobe Bryant so grateful.

I’m excited to have predicted everything else correctly, including the top eight races. It feels good to have the movie I was rooting for win, especially since I’m fine with “Get Out” winning just one Oscar for Best Original Screenplay (even if I was hoping for others) and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” a long title I’m grateful to not have to type anymore, just taking home two acting awards. It’s a shame that “Lady Bird” didn’t take home any Oscars since it really should have, but fortunately I have a feeling that it will be honored with a few AFT Awards shortly. My predicted totals were almost all right, which I’m happy about!

Now that Oscar season is officially over, come back later today for the start of my official awards for the best of the year, the AFT Awards, announcing this and next week!

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Arielle said...

Loved your honesty, especially about not wanting to write the long film title! :) Can't wait to hear more about the films and the show, and to hopefully see all the movies one day! Still can't believe "The Greatest Showman" got snubbed though! Congrats on 19!!