Sunday, January 5, 2020

Golden Globe Reactions

I did not do well on my predictions, down from nine last year to just six out of fourteen this time around. I’m not even sure it’s entirely my fault since there were some genuinely surprises. Let’s run through some of them:

- I remember when I saw “1917,” I thought it was going to win both Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Director. Since then, I was convinced of the strength of other films and opted not to predict it. It doesn’t change anything now since it was already secure to get both corresponding Oscar bids, and I’m curious if it can now win both of them. I’m okay with that – it was an impressive film.
- I was right that “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” would take home three prizes, though I picked Leonardo DiCaprio over Brad Pitt. I still don’t love the film and Tarantino is a lot, but I guess I’ll have to get used to that for this awards season.
- We’re looking at four acting winners who are likely to repeat throughout the next month at every show, with Laura Dern edging out Jennifer Lopez. I’m not sure that one will last, but Dern was the only one who took home a prize for her film. Joaquin Phoenix is going to be talking a lot at each show, which is mostly interesting if a bit long-winded.
- It only won Best Foreign Film, but “Parasite” may still have a good path to Oscar victory. I love that Bong Joon Ho brought up a translator and delivered such a positive message about the quality of international cinema.
- I was thrilled that “Missing Link” won Best Animated Film since I really liked it and it’s the only original picture in the bunch. I hope it will be joined by some other atypical choices on the corresponding Oscar list.
- The big surprise of the night, for me at least, was Taron Egerton winning. I wish I liked “Rocketman” more than I did, but the main thing I need to do now is revise my Oscar predictions, which begin tomorrow morning. I’m not positive he’ll make it in but it does seem likely at this point.
- I’m thrilled Awkwafina won. Can she make it to the Oscars?
- Nothing for “The Two Popes,” which isn’t a surprise, but more crucially, “The Irishman” didn’t win a single prize. I don’t think that dooms it at the Oscars, but it’s not a good sign for the film.
- Charlize Theron seemed like an odd choice to present to Tom Hanks, but it made more sense as it went on. He really is the nicest guy in show business.
- You can read my thoughts on the TV side of things over at
- Oscar predictions in all categories are coming this week – stay tuned! The race is still far from decided in many categories.

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