Monday, January 13, 2020

Oscar Nominees: Best International Feature

My predictions: 4/5
My ballot: Come back later this week!
The nominees: Corpus Christi (Poland), Honeyland (North Macedonia), Les Misérables (France), Pain and Glory (Spain), Parasite (South Korea)

Here is one of my biggest disappointments: the inclusion of Honeyland here in addition to its slot in the Best Documentary race. For it to be the first film to achieve a double nomination like that feels unnecessary since it really isn’t that amazing. I liked “Beanpole” but wasn’t really pushing for any of the other finalists to get in, so it’s not all that crushing. I’m perfectly happy with the other four nominees though, and thrilled that Corpus Christi (Poland) made the cut since it’s the least high-profile of the other three. Les Misérables (France) is also very good, and Pain and Glory (Spain) made the cut along with its star Antonio Banderas after some worried it might be snubbed. And then of course there’s Parasite (South Korea), the deserved default winner in this race that represents South Korea’s first-ever nomination.

My current bet to win: It will be Parasite for sure.

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