Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Golden Globe Nominees: Best Foreign Film

My predictions: 3/5, missing “Baaria” and “The Maid”
Who’s missing: “Coco Before Chanel,” “I Killed My Mother,” many others

I’ve seen three of these films, and they’re all terrific, so I’m generally pleased. Broken Embraces is one of Pedro Almodovar’s best films, and both A Prophet and The White Ribbon are fantastic, and make sure to see them when they come out (February and December 30th, respectively). I haven’t heard much about the other two, The Maid and Baaria, other than the fact that “The Maid” is currently playing at the Village East Cinema in New York City and that “Baaria” isn’t currently slated for U.S. release. Basically, see any of the movies in this category that you can get your hands on – they’re pretty great.

Who could win? I imagine The White Ribbon will take this.
What does this mean for the Oscar race? Both “The Maid” and “Broken Embraces” were not selected by their countries as their official Oscar submissions, so forget about them. The other three are in good shape, though many are suggesting that “A Prophet” will miss out based on its violent nature, just like “Gomorra” last year. We’ll see.

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