Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Other Israel Film Festival Spotlight: David and Kamal

The 5th Annual Other Israel Film Festival begins this Thursday night, and Movies With Abe is proud to offer you a spotlight on some of the films being presented. Visit the festival website for a complete schedule of screenings for the films.

David and Kamal
Directed by Kikuo Kawasaki
Screening November 12 at 4:00pm and November 13 at 3pm

Reading the summary for this film makes it sound like a shorter, tighter version of “Slumdog Millionaire,” but that’s hardly the case. This family drama centers on children, and as a result, its story and style lacks an adult perspective throughout most of its run time before suddenly bringing that perspective back at the end of the film. Taken as a film expressly for children, its events are overly simplistic and its themes too broad and sweeping, with less than dynamic characters at the center of what should be an exciting and adventure-filled story. As a film for all ages, it is sorely missing any sense of legitimacy for its adult characters, and presents an all-too-narrow vision of the world.

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