Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Other Israel Film Festival Spotlight: Naomi

The 5th Annual Other Israel Film Festival begins this Thursday night, and Movies With Abe is proud to offer you a spotlight on some of the films being presented. Visit the festival website for a complete schedule of screenings for the films.

Directed by Eitan Tzur
Screening November 11 at 9:15pm, November 12 at 8:45pm, and November 13 at 1pm

This drama, loosely and only somewhat accurately described as a thriller, follows esteemed professor Ilan Ben Natan as he discovers that his young wife Naomi is cheating on him. It’s an extremely top-heavy film, creating its intrigue early on and then spiraling into mild incoherence as its events progress and become less interesting. Calling it a thriller is faulty since it moves at a rather slow pace and contains few truly memorable and exciting moments. As a drama, however, it succeeds decently in its first half, creating a three-dimensional, believable character out of Ilan. Its title character isn’t nearly as dynamic, and as a result, it peters out long before its end, its better moments all featured before its midpoint.

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