Thursday, November 10, 2011

Other Israel Film Festival Spotlight: Homecoming

The 5th Annual Other Israel Film Festival begins tonight, and Movies With Abe is proud to offer you a spotlight on some of the films being presented. Visit the festival website for a complete schedule of screenings for the films.

Directed by Oma Ben Dor and Noa Maiman
Screening November 14 at 7:00pm and November 15 at 7:00pm

This engaging and thought-provoking documentary focuses not on religion or any Arab-Israeli conflict, but instead on three teenagers who have spent all of their lives living in Israel as the children of foreign workers. Their first trips back home takes them to the Congo, Peru, and the Phillipines, respectively, where they meet their families and contemplate their connections to Israel. There is a backdrop of political topicality related to the legality and ethics of deporting foreign workers and children born in Israel, but the filmmakers smartly choose to really get to know their three protagonists to ensure that the film is not just proving a larger point but actually discussing real people.

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