Friday, February 17, 2012

Oscar Movie with Abe: Footnote

Directed by Joseph Cedar
To Be Released March 9, 2012

This year’s Best Foreign Film Oscar nominee from Israel is a whimsical exploration of the complicated relationship between a father and a son, both professors up for the same research prize. A buoyant score by Anit Poznansky and superb script from director Joseph Cedar help to create a highly energetic and involving film. What’s most impressive is that it’s both an excellent comedy and an excellent drama, transitioning subtly and smoothly from one genre to the other. Lior Ashkenazi is unrecognizable under a gray beard and glasses, and he and Shlomo Bar-Aba make for fantastic family members. Its storytelling is exceptionally clever, as is the cinematography, editing, ensemble performance, and general mood of this fun, memorable film.


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