Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy/Musical

The competition: Ralph Fiennes’ zany concierge (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Michael Keaton’s aging actor (Birdman), Bill Murray’s grumpy neighbor (St. Vincent), Joaquin Phoenix’s hippie private investigator (Inherent Vice), and Christoph Waltz’s egotistical painter (Big Eyes).

For your information: Waltz is a two-time Globe winner, and this is his first time contending for a non-Quentin Tarantino production. Murray has won once before out of four nominations, and he is also nominated for his TV work in “Olive Kitteridge” this year. This is Phoenix’s fifth nomination, and he has won once before – in this category in 2005. This is Fiennes’ fifth nomination and Keaton’s second. Fiennes, Keaton, and Murray’s films are all nominated for Best Motion Picture – Comedy/Musical.

Who should win? Fiennes is truly terrific and Keaton does great work, but I also enjoyed Murray and Phoenix in their films. Waltz doesn’t deserve this nomination compared to the other parts he’s played in the past.

Who will win? It could be Fiennes, but my money is on Keaton for the comeback story.

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