Saturday, January 24, 2015

New York Jewish Film Festival Spotlight: Felix and Meira

I’m excited to cover a few selections from the 24th Annual New York Jewish Film Festival, which runs from January 14th-29th.

Felix and Meira
Directed by Maxime Giroux
Screening January 29 at 3:30pm and 9pm

Films like “Fill the Void” and “Gett” that have recently presented observance in a way that doesn’t find its characters grappling with it are hardly the model for the closing night selection for this year’s New York Jewish Film Festival. “Felix and Meira” is a movie that embraces running from the trappings of what feels hopelessly familiar and permanent, as a Hasidic wife, Meira, played by Hadas Yaron, star of “Fill the Void,” struggles with the banality of her life. Félix, who comes from a wholly different world, meets her at just the right time to help her escape, though it’s hardly that easy. This exploration of two people desperately seeking for a change from the universes in which they exist is an engaging and involving journey featuring strong performances form Yaron and Martin Dubreuil in a love story that ultimately isn’t sure where it wants to go but has plenty of interesting places to stop along the way.

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