Friday, January 9, 2015

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best Animated Feature Film

The competition: Big Hero 6, The Book of Life, The Boxtrolls, How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Lego Movie

For your information: This category has existed since 2006. Pixar has won almost every year but hasn’t been nominated for the past two years. Every year, there’s been a clear frontrunner, but I don’t think that’s the case this year. None of these films have any other nominations.

Who should win? I still haven’t seen “Big Hero 6,” but I plan to on Sunday morning, at which point I’ll have seen the whole category. I actually think the other four are pretty great even if I’d include at least two other films. “The Lego Movie” is probably my favorite but the other three have plenty going for them too. More on them come Oscar and AFT Awards time.

Who will win? It might be “Big Hero 6” or “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” but I think it will be The Lego Movie.

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