Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SAG Nominees: Best Ensemble in a Motion Picture

My predictions: 2/5, picking only “Birdman” and “The Imitation Game”
What’s missing? Selma, Into the Woods, Inherent Vice, Pride

This category was my worst of the film five, but the nominees actually make some sense. I’m most excited about The Grand Budapest Hotel mainly because this was the most truly ensemble effort, though I haven’t had a chance to comb through the cast list to see what deserving player isn’t recognized. “Selma” may not have been seen by SAG voters, so don’t read too much into that snub, but “Into the Woods” definitely was, and only Meryl Streep was deemed worthy. Two films without terribly large casts got a big boost here, and those are Boyhood and The Theory of Everything, both worthwhile nominees though I can’t name more than a few actors from each, and they joined the two frontrunners in this race: Birdman, my far and away pick, and The Imitation Game.

Who could win? I think Birdman, but maybe Boyhood.

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