Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy/Musical

The competition: Steve Carell’s chauvinistic tennis player (Battle of the Sexes), Ansel Elgort’s smooth getaway driver (Baby Driver), James Franco’s eccentric filmmaker (The Disaster Artist), Hugh Jackman’s circus creator (The Greatest Showman), and Daniel Kaluuya’s freaked-out boyfriend (Get Out).

For your information: Jackman won this award in 2012 for “Les Miserables” and was nominated previously for “Kate and Leopold.” Franco has two past film nominations and a win for the TV movie “James Dean.” Carell has two previous film nominations and five bids for “The Office,” one of which he won. This is the first nomination for both Elgort and Kaluuya. Franco, Jackman, and Kaluuya have their films nominated for the top prize.

Who should win? I’d give this to Franco though Carell and Kaluuya were very good too.

Who will win? I’m going to predict Franco though it could just as easily be Kaluuya.

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