Friday, January 5, 2018

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best Foreign Language Film

The competition: A Fantastic Woman (Chile), First They Killed My Father (Cambodia), In the Fade (Germany/France), Loveless (Russia), The Square (Sweden/Germany/France)

For your information: It’s hard to track statistics because multiple countries are often credited, but here goes. This is the third consecutive film nominated from Chile and the fourth overall. This is the seventh overall bid for Russia, which won with “Leviathan” in 2014. That film was also directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev, as was 2003’s “The Return.” Though multiple countries are credited for this year’s pick, its main sponsor, Sweden is now at sixteen nominations with at least four trophies awarded in previous years. “The Square” director Ruben Ostlund was previously nominated for “Force Majeure” in 2014. Germany also has four modern day wins and twenty-eight total nominations. This is the first mention for Cambodia, though director Angelina Jolie did have a film that was nominated in 2011.

Who should win? At this time, I’ve only seen “The Square,” which I didn’t love, but I hope to see the others soon.

Who will win? Knowing little, I’d give the edge to The Square.

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