Saturday, January 20, 2018

SAG Winner Predictions: Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role

The competition: Mary J. Blige’s loyal wife (Mudbound), Hong Chau’s shrunken activist (Downsizing), Holly Hunter’s distraught mother (The Big Sick), Allison Janney’s nightmare mother (I, Tonya), and Laurie Metcalf’s protective mother (Lady Bird).

For your information: Hunter has four previous TV nominations and one film bid for “Thirteen.” Janney won twice out of five nominations for “The West Wing.” Metcalf won a SAG award as part of the “Desperate Housewives” ensemble, but this is her first individual bid of any kind. This is the first nomination for both Blige and Chau. Blige, Hunter, and Metcalf are all nominated as part of their ensembles.

Who should win? I didn’t think that Blige delivered the best performance in her film, but the other four were all great. I might actually vote for Chau, though the three mothers are all great choices too.

Who will win? With Hunter in the mix, it might be time for Metcalf to pull ahead of Janney, who took home both the Globe and Critics Choice Award.

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