Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Oscar Nominees: Best Documentary

My predictions: 3/5, picking “The Eagle Huntress” and “Weiner” over “Fire at Sea” and “I Am Not Your Negro”
My ballot: Come back in February!
The nominees: Fire at Sea, I Am Not Your Negro, Life Animated, OJ: Made in America, 13th

I did okay here without having seen anything. That’s my next step – I know that I can watch both “Life, Animated” and “13th,” I have to decide how much of “OJ: Made in America” I want to watch, and I need to check back through screening invites to see if I can still catch “Fire at Sea” and “I Am Not Your Negro.” No thoughts otherwise to offer at this point!

My current bet to win: I think 13th might be able to pull it off.

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