Thursday, December 13, 2012

Golden Globe Nominees: Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama

My predictions: 4/5, picking Hopkins over Gere
Who’s missing? Ben Affleck (Argo), Anthony Hopkins (Hitchcock)

This category was pretty locked up, with the three men who received SAG nominations yesterday for their dramatic performances - Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln), John Hawkes (The Sessions), and Denzel Washington (Flight) – looking quite secure. Joaquin Phoenix (The Master), who missed out on a nod yesterday, scored here, along with supporting actress Amy Adams, also not nominated for a SAG. The loser was Anthony Hopkins, whose costar Helen Mirren was nominated both times and has now assured that she’ll be the only memorable and recognized part of her film. Instead, Richard Gere (Arbitrage) takes a bold leap towards his first-ever Golden Globe nomination with his fourth Globe nod, though I doubt he’ll be able to eclipse Bradley Cooper, whose film did exceptionally today. I’m still missing two performances in this category but I’m hoping to see both this week.

Who could win? There’s no way this doesn’t go to Day-Lewis.

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