Sunday, January 6, 2013

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama

The competition: Daniel Day-Lewis’ Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln), Richard Gere’s frazzled financier (Arbitrage), John Hawkes’ curious man in an iron lung (The Sessions), Joaquin Phoenix’s easily manipulated lost soul (The Master), and Denzel Washington’s alcoholic pilot (Flight).

For your information: This is the seventh nomination for Day-Lewis. He won this award in 2007 for “There Will Be Blood.” Gere is on his fourth nomination, and won in 2002 for “Chicago.” Phoenix is on his third nomination, and won in 2005 for “Walk the Line.” This is the seventh nomination for Washington, who has won twice before, for “The Hurricane” and “Glory.” Joining them is first-time nominee Hawkes. Only “Lincoln” is nominated for Best Motion Picture – Drama.

Who should win? I’d choose Hawkes, though Gere and Washington were great too.

Who will win? Is there any way that Day-Lewis doesn’t take this?

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