Thursday, January 21, 2010

AFT Awards: Best Limited Performance – Female

This is the twenty-first category of the 3rd Annual AFT Film Awards to be announced. The AFT Awards are my own personal choices for the best in film of each year and the best in television of each season. The AFT Film Awards include the traditional Oscar categories and a number of additional specific honors. Nominees are pictured in the order I’ve ranked them. Click here to see previous years of this category. Due to a surplus of nominees this year, I’ve decided to split it into two categories, male and female.

The winner:
Maggie Gyllenhaal (Away We Go) was a whole ball of crazy as a mother with a particular dislike for separate beds and strollers, and by far the most entertaining stop on Burt and Verona’s trips.

Other nominees:
Margaret Colin (The Missing Person) was vibrant and energetic as a duplicitous flirt, and the only refreshing thing about this otherwise abysmal film. Allison Janney (Away We Go) let herself go completely as the ultimate portrait of a woman without any sort of boundaries or filters. Olivia Thirlby (New York, I Love You) was alluring and artful as a girl in a wheelchair who gets the chance to go to a high school prom. Cloris Leachman (New York, I Love You) shined as a woman still deeply in love with her husband after many decades in her film’s most moving segment.

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