Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globe Reactions In Brief

The excitement of the Golden Globes has now come to an end, and we did get one big, fantastic surprise, and that’s the win in the Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical category for “The Hangover.” It represents a cool acceptance of less traditional material by the HFPA, and I did say that the movie was the funniest of the year, so I’m pleased. I still can’t understand how anyone could think that Sandra Bullock delivered a better performance in “The Blind Side” (or in anything) than Carey Mulligan in “An Education.” I correctly predicted 8/14 film categories (15/25 overall), and I’m particularly happy that I correctly called the two wins for “Crazy Heart” in the Best Actor category (Jeff Bridges) and Best Song. Nothing else much to report since the ceremony was nothing to write home about, but Martin Scorsese is definitely awesome. Christoph Waltz is also pretty cool. This doesn’t change much for the Oscars, but check back for the final edition of the Monday Oscar Odds for more on that. The SAG Awards are Saturday night – predictions start tomorrow morning.

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