Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical

The competition: Jean Dujardin’s silent film actor (The Artist), Brendan Gleeson’s sarcastic Irish cop (The Guard), Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cancer patient (50/50), Ryan Gosling’s playboy (Crazy Stupid Love), and Owen Wilson’s frustrated writer (Midnight in Paris).

For your information: Gosling is also nominated this year in the drama category for “The Ides of March,” and has been nominated twice before. This is the second film nomination for both Gleeson and Gordon-Levitt, and the first both Dujardin and Wilson.

Who should win: Dujardin, but I have to express some enthusiasm for Gleeson, who was terrific, and also applaud the inclusion of Gosling and Gordon-Levitt. Wilson, no thanks.

Who will win: I can’t imagine it would be anyone but Dujardin.

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